Beyond the Headshots: few more tips to get the perfect headshot.

1. Eyes is the main thing

Do not deliver any headshot photo to a client if the eyes are not sharp and crisp. The eyes are the connection with the viewer. These are the first element of your shot they look it at.

man_headshot_portrait_wearing_blue_jacket_and _red_tie_against_blue_and_gray_background_Studio

2. Find the best angles

Headshot is not about to master the best lighting only. You need to find the most pleasant angle : Does the subject has long nose? you should avoid to have looking chin down. Control the nose length by moving the chin up slightly.
Everyone has a eye bigger than the other one. Therefore, try to not put this bigger eye close to the lens. Have the subject to face you sideways with the smaller eyes. Remember any object closer to the lens…looks differ. Therefore, control the proportion by moving away from the lens the big elements of the body.


3. Add some separation light

To separate the head from the background which can be a studio background or natural scene, adding some hair light to the subject emphasizes the dynamics of the photo. It could be a flash or the sun.

4. Break the symmetry

Headshot pose is not passport-type pose where the shoulders are facing the lens. Ask your subject to slightly turn away the shoulders and to lean forward the shoulder closer to the lens. The subject can rather stand or sit with one in front and one turned to the back.

Read this interesting article about this topic. 


Avoid shooting from the bottom up can be unflattering for a woman or any person.

if you ask your subject to look sideways, pay attention that the eye ball does not touch the corner. Move the chin more toward the camera.

One good approach to nail the right angle is just to ask the subject to look at you straight into the lens. Next, you ask to move his chin down and up. And chin more to left, up and down, and next to right, up and down. At the end, you end up at least with 9 shots that you can show to your client from your camera live view. You should be able to find out what angle your client loves the most.

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