5 Tips to improve your Corporate Event photography?


This is short article that lists few tips for a successful Corporate event photography session.

Tips#1 Lighting in the room

Before the events starts, ensure to know what is the lighting in the room.  Remember you might be not able to use any flash lights during  the events.    Therefore,  bring a camera that performs well in low light situation.


Tip#2 Flash use

Make sure your client is aware if you cannot use a flash since it will affect your photos quality. Also as a general rule, keep your use of flash to a bear minimum specially when photographing candid shot. 


Tip#3 Get unnoticed

Try to be discreet as much as possible.  You definitely don’t want a distraction and certainly not having a attendee giving a bad feedback about the photographer.  You need to move. Do not run around the room!  Be careful if you pass through tables.


Tip#4 Dress like you are part of the team

Most of time,  people attending event are dressed casually.  You can wear a nice shirt in this situation.  But on other occasion, you might need to wear a suit.  click here for more info


Tip#5 Type of shots you must capture

Here a short list of the keys events shots you need to get:

  • Main speaker shot
  • Guest speaker shot
  • Group photo
  • Speaker and Guest photo
  • Guests on stage
  • Candid shot
  • Staff photos
  • Reception photos
  • Fun shots


Thank you for reading this article.  Feel free to contact us if you need an corporate event photographer 🙂





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